As the partnership set up with one of the leading manufacturers for filters in China, we provide high quality filters with cost-effective.

With the subcontract of the ISO 9002, QS 9000 AND VDA 6.1 certificated factory, We produce for both the OE and spare parts markets, according to the highest quality specifications, and have thus established ourselves as one of standard suppliers for the domestic automotive industry. We are leaders in the areas of oil, fuel and cabin air.

There are four series ( Air filter, Oil filter, Fuel filter, Cabin Filter) ten categories over 1000 models filters in our catalogue, applying to motor vehicles, engineering machine ,internal combustion ,locomotives, gas turbine and power stations ,etc.


Air filter

           Our air filters ensure an optimally metered fuel/air mixture, thus guaranteeing optimum combustion. This creates the necessary prerequisites for high engine performance, long engine life due to reduced wear, and cost savings through the avoidance of expensive subsequent repairs.We provide air filters both for commercial vehicles and passenger cars.




Oil filter  





We employ state-of-the-art impregnated filter media with added synthetic fibers, high filter fineness and a large dirt-holding capacity. Other features include high-quality sealing materials and a secure, reliable connection between seal, end disk and filter paper.As high-quality products, our oil filters guarantee the supply of oil under all operating conditions and hence provide the basic prerequisites for optimal engine performance.

Spin-on oil filters have a filter element in a sheet steel housing with a pressure-proof crimped screw-on plate. When the filter is changed this entire system is completely replaced.Spin-on oil filters have a filter bypass valve which ensures a sufficient supply of oil in the case of a cold start or in the case of very dirty filters which have significantly exceeded the service interval. The open bypass valve then feeds the unfiltered engine oil back into the oil circulation system.No-load operation of the oil filter when the engine is turned off is prevented by a return stop valve








The oil filter cartridges are part of our environmentally-friendly, service-oriented ENERGETIC filter concept. During servicing, only the filter cartridge must be replaced. The valves, screw cover and aluminum housing in which the oil filter cartridge is located remain on the engine block throughout their service life.

When the screw cover is unfastened, the oil runs back into the oil pan via an outlet valve. The clipped filter cartridge, with the filter cover, is then pulled out of the housing. It can be replaced without skin contact with the oil.

These filter cartridges feature high filter fineness and operational reliability. Servicing costs are reduced via long service intervals. In addition, the use of recycled materials permits environmentally-friendly, inexpensive disposal of the pure-grade filter cartridges, allowing energetic exploitation via combustion.





Fuel filter






fuel filter is located in the oil supplying system, It¨s used to clear the fuel oil, protect the precise element and increase the engine¨s life.

Our fuel filters free fuel from soot and dust particles, tank residues, water and other substances which can impair the functionality of modern injection systems. In accordance with the requirements of automobile manufacturers, we produce filters in OE quality, using the most modern filter materials.

Spin-on fuel filters are used in diesel engines in passenger cars, commercial vehicles, agricultural machinery and construction machinery. The filter is a complete component consisting of a metal housing and a filter element, which has several intake ports for the unfiltered fuel.
The outlet port for the filtered fuel simultaneously serves as a screw connection for attaching the filter to the filter socket.

Variants of this filter include a high-pressure spin-on fuel filter for modern engines with very high requirements, and a spin-on fuel filter with a water reservoir. In this variant an electronic conducting probe indicates accumulated water, which is drained off via a drain plug.  







Fuel Filter Cartridges are used in diesel engines in passenger cars, commercial vehicles, agricultural machinery and construction machinery.

During maintenance, only the filter cartridge is changed. The valves and the filter housing in which the fuel filter cartridge is located remain fixed to the engine block throughout their service life. environmentally-friendly, inexpensive disposal of the pure-grade filter cartridges, allowing energetic exploitation via combustion.





In-line Fuel Filters (metal and plastic)LoginVehicle-specific in-line fuel filters are used in passenger car gasoline and diesel engines, and are mounted between the fuel lines. They are precisely adjusted to modern, highly sensitive fuel injection systems and also incorporate pressure regulators and thermostat valves. The in-line filters also have universal application in the fuel lines of a variety of gasoline engines such as passenger car carburetor engines, lawnmower engines, motorcycle engines, etc.



Cabin Air Filters  remove exhaust gas, dust, soot and pollen from the air of vehicle interiors, thus reducing disease hazards for vehicle occupants particularly in the case of children and people suffering from allergies and asthma. In addition, cabin air filters protect heating and condition systems from pollution, provide a clear view and hence contribute to driving safety. For these reasons, high-quality cabin air filters are included in the standard equipment of virtually all new vehicle models. We therefore use only filter media that correspond to the specifications of leading automobile manufacturers, meeting the strictest requirements with regard to body good, safety and driving comfort.

We supplies both particle filters and combination filters with excellent separation rates. 


We can design any kind of filter according to the customers. Such as: the filter to water or oil in food industry, chemical industry solution, the filter to the air in medicine , electric , spinning and wearing food industry , the collection to the powder in the discharged air, and so on .


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